Riverton Yacht Club Wedding Photographer { Gina & Dave } Riverton, NJ

Groom putting on his suspenders with the help of his best man Groom fix his bowtie in a mirror. Groom buttoning up his shirt sleeve Groom putting on cuff links Groom setting the time on his Fossil Watch Best Man fixes the groom collar of his suit jacket. Bride takes a final look at her makeup in a mirror Bride holding a " I'm getting meowied " coffee cup Bride sitting with her bridesmaids in their matching blue robes around herFlower girl joining the bride and her bridesmaids Mom and Bide take down her dress from a hanger in the window Mom zipping up her daughters wedding dress Close up of mom zipping up her daughters wedding dress Bride has her wedding dress closed up by her mother Bridesmaids fluffing the brides dress and the flower girl watches Putting a veil on a bride with bridesmaids watching Mom fixing the brides makeup with bridesmaids watching Bride smiling before exiting the limo Sacred Heart Church sign with freshly planted yellow and purple flowers A pull back image of Sacred Heart Church Purple, Orange and yellow stained glass with the word matrimony Fresh Flower arrangements with red, yellow and purple flowers Groomsmen waiting in a church Guests looking up at the ceiling Image of deer on the roof of a church Boy waiting in a church pew before a wedding Bride walks down the aisle with her mother and father Bride walking with her parents down the aisle Groom standing between the priest and best man sees his bride for the first time rear view of a bride walking down the aisle with her parents view from the back of the church as a bride approaches the groom Bride hugs her mother before she takes her seat in the church Groomsmen sitting in a pew and the ring bearer looks at the camera Woman talking at a church podium Woman wearing glasses speaking at a church podium brides mom cries during the wedding ceremony top floor view of a bride and groom exchanging vows bride and groom exchanging rings during a wedding ceremony in church groom holding the brides hand and the priest is blessing the wedding rings bride and groom holding hands after exchanging rings the body of christ the body and blood of christ man and woman bring up the offerings in church groomsmen and ring bearer standing and looking at the pulpit Jesus Christ bust Flower girl looking distracted in church bride hugs grooms mom in church Bride and Groom kiss for the first time as a married couple bride with her hand in the air looking at the guests in church Bride and Groom walking down the aisle exiting the church . Bride and Groom exiting the church Bride and her Bridesmaids laughing Bride and Flower girl sitting on grass together Bride, flower girl and bridesmaids posing for a picture with a bridge in the background Groom, Ring Bearer and the Groomsmen walking and groomsman has his devil horns up Groom, Ring Bearer and the Groomsmen walking and groomsman fixes his tie Bride, Groom and Wedding party pose for photo stitched panorama with a bride in the background Bride and groom toughing noses lovingly with the wedding party watching Bride and Groom share a kiss in the middle of the road Bride and Groom walking holding hands Groom kissing his bride on her forehead on a walking path Bride standing in front of a fence smiling holding her red, yellow and purple bouquet of flowers Groom standing in front of a fence with his hands in pockets Bride approaches the Groom from behind Bride and Groom kissing Bride and Groom pose for a picture Nude wedding cake covered in flowers with a mr and mrs topper detail of pink, red and purple flowers on a nude wedding cake Detail of flowers on a nude wedding cake filled with white frosting Bride and Groom making an entrance and he is wearing a gold wresting belt Mother of bride watching in the background during a first dance Bride laughing and smiling during their first dance Bride and Groom kissing during their first dance Bride and Groom kissing after they feed each other cake Bride gives thumbs up after eating cake Wedding guests getting down at a reception the chaos before a family photo at a wedding mom is clearly not happy and some guy holds his beer family photo on the dance floor at a wedding reception bride and groom slow dancing at the wedding reception Rubber Hulk Hogan with wedding rings

Riverton Yacht Club Wedding Photographer 

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