Ready for some fabulous engagement photos? I’ve got just what you need!

Are you ready for some fabulous engagement photos? Do you have all it takes to be the next one on the top of everyone’s list? I’ve got just the thing you need! These tips will show you how to capture stunning engagement photos that will leave your friends speechless. Love is in the air and there is no better way to show your love for your partner other than by taking those very special and meaningful photographs for all to see.

Chances are high that if you’ve been dating long enough, your big day is coming up sooner than later. It’s stressful enough trying to find the right photographer but then add in posing like an Instagram star in front of them? I think not. Here’s a list of some fun prompts that will help make your engagement session magical.  I’ve included the setup in the captions to explain how to make this work for other photographers. 

For Stunning Engagement Photos

Try these fun engagement photo prompts for amazing photos that won’t look stiff or unnatural.

Whisper in her ear. “Tell her about cereal in your sexy voice.”

Prompts for magical engagement photos session photos Whisper cereal names in a sexy voice

The setup. Pull one partner over to the side and tell them the prompt. Have them get behind their partner and wrap their arms around and whisper their favorite cereal in a sexy voice.

I know what you are thinking, sounds totally crazy and it is, but the result is amazing raw reaction! Before we go any further I guess I should mention that some of these prompts are totally unconventional and not every prompt works for everyone. As a photographer I’ve find that taking the time to talk to my clients before the session starts is a great way to read the room and get an idea of what will work for them. You already know your partner so that part is already done for you.

Hold hands and spin each other around in a circle.

Prompts for stunning engagement photos session photos hold hands and spin in a circle.

Have your clients hold hands while facing each other and ask them to spin as fast as they can in a circle. This is also a fun way to transition out of a more conventional pose while holding hands.

I encourage you to really go to town with this. Get your bodies into it, but definitely use caution and select a safe and relatively even surface for this one. You wouldn’t want to accidentally throw your partner off a cliff or something, right?  I love to do this at the beach, you can really dig your feet into the sand and if someone happens to fall it’s a soft landing.

Fly like a bird. 

Prompts for magical engagement session photos fly like a bird.

Have a partner stand behind and both hold hands with their arms out. Ask them to trend to soar through the sky like a majestic love bird.

This is a super easy hand holding prompt that is sure to make you smile and laugh.  While holding hands with your arms out synchronize your movements and become one with they sky.

Walk and bump your hips together. 

Prompts for magical engagement session photos bump your hips together.

I set this up by starting out with a more conventional prompt like walk towards me holding hands. I then ask my clients to reset but this time wrap their arm around their partners waist. Ask them to walk towards you while repeatedly bumping their hips together.

This one is a fun play on the more traditional walk towards me and hold hands. There is nothing like involving a little contact sport action in your session by seeing who can bump their partner farther. This can get competitive so use caution on how hard you bump.

Give you partner a piggy back ride. 

Prompts for magical engagement session photos piggy back ride.

This is a prompt that requires you to read your clients ability and ask their comfort level. It’s almost always the last photo I take during a session after I’ve instilled confidence in my abilities as a photographer. I let them choose who will ride.

This is the one prompt on my list that not everyone can do. As a matter of fact I only shoot this a handful of times a year, so don’t feel bad if this is not something you think you can do. Pulling this one off will truly round out your fun engagement session. I used this photo as an example to show that anyone can be the rider, so think outside the box and make this unique for you.

Why I use prompts.  

I use prompts to immerse my clients in a moment and get them to focus on each other and not the camera. Prompts are a great way to offer up a real reaction or add movement to otherwise still images.  Prompts used along with more traditionally posed positions add a great variety to images from a session.  Prompts are just fun! To see more examples of couples having fun head over to my blog and click on “Stories of love”

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