Arcadia University Engagement Photos|Glenside Photography

Kiss him on his cheek Grey Towers Castle Arcadia University Engagement Photos.
Lets stand in front of the AU bushes Arcadia University.
Dance with her Glenside Photography.
Sometimes you have to get really low to get the right angle.
Walk towards me with your arms around your waists.
Hold hands and spin around in circles.
Kiss her on her forehead.
Make her laugh.
Grab her and kiss her passionately.
look at the camera.
Grab her from behind.
Create you own Titanic “I’m Flying” scene.
Look at each other and touch noses.
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Hoboken Engagement Photographer |Tara and Chris Hoboken Engagement Photos

Pier A is wonderful location to start off your Hoboken Engagement session.
A Hoboken engagement would not be complete without a furry friend.
Make sure you kiss him on the cheek.
Sometimes its fun to just go for a spin during your Hoboken engagement
Say Something funny and make her laugh.
I guess it was funny.
Make a quick stop at Court St. for classic cobble stone streets.
Rawr baby!
One of my favorite Hoboken engagement spots is Pier C.

If you or someone you know is getting married we would love to be your Hoboken Engagement Wedding Photographer. Share this and let us know in the comments what your favorite Hoboken Engagement Photos are.

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Longwood Gardens Proposal | Romantic ways to propose in Philadelphia, PA

Longwood Gardens Proposal Kennett Square, PA
Can you think of more romantic ways to propose?
Longwood Gardens is on my Top 5 Best list of Romantic Ways to Propose in Philadelphia, PA
Fun activities make for the best engagement photos.
Dancing during engagement sessions is a fun activity to get the most natural moments and help make the best engagement photos.
Making her laugh during your Longwood Gardens Engagement Sessions makes for the best engagement photos.

If you or someone you know is looking for engagement or proposal ideas check out our “TOP 5 BEST ENGAGEMENT & PROPOSAL LOCATIONS IN PHILADELPHIA, PA”

What could be more romantic than a Longwood Gardens Proposal or engagement session? Let us know in the comments what your favorite proposal and engagement locations are.

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Top 5 Best Engagement and Proposal Locations in Philadelphia, PA

After 7 wonderful years as a Photographer, I’ve come up with a list of top 5 best engagement & proposal locations in Philadelphia, PA. The following list is not in any specific order but some of my most requested and what I feel is the Best Engagement and Proposal locations in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding area.

I searched through our engagement sessions looking for examples of locations that work all year long and even on rainy days.


South street offers a variety of over 200 mosaic and painted murals tucked down side streets and alleys. The artwork includes everything from color tile and broken mirror mosaic to even the Batman symbol on a garage door!

South Street Head House district also offers plenty of restaurants, taverns, shopping and live music to really round out your Philadelphia Engagement or Proposal. The wonderful thing about having your engagement sessions on South Street is consistency. Because many of the works of art are permanent you can have a session any day of the week or time of the year and you will be able to get photographs just like Victoria and Keith.

Mosaic Mural located on S Clifton street.
This beautiful Mosaic is located of S Clifton St. Just a block away from the the Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens.


Longwood Gardens is just under 40 miles aways from Center City Philadelphia, PA. Longwood Gardens located in Kennett Square, PA is a botanical garden with over a thousand acres filled with seasonal gardens and woodland areas. For a modest entry fee (If you are local a season pass is totally worth purchasing.) Longwood Gardens the perfect location pretty much all year round with beautiful seasonal outdoor gardens, water features, woodland areas and even musical entertainment.

Longwood gardens features an amazing conservatory that houses beautiful and exotic flowers all year round, which is the perfect location for rain or shine engagements and surprise proposal ideas.

Conservatory located inside of Longwood Gardens Kennett Square, PA
Beautiful archways of roses located in Longwood Gardens Kennett Square, PA


Elfreth’s Alley located just off 2nd and Race St. is the nations oldest residential street. Elfreth’s Alley was home to 18th century craftsman and women who were responsible for building colonial Philadelphia. Take a stroll down the cobblestone street and see beautifully kept historic homes featuring 3 centuries of brickwork, flower boxes and architecture.

After exploring Elfreth’s Alley you can take a short walk to the Delaware River waterfront and Race St Pier. ( Pier photos require a photography permit.)

Man Lifts woman in Elfreth's Alley during their engagement session
Cobble stone streets, centuries old brickwork and beautiful flowers boxes located at Elfreth’s Alley is on this list for romantic ways to propose.
Bench at Race St. Pier on the Delaware River waterfront.


Bartram’s Garden is a historical garden and arboretum situated on almost 50 acres of land. Its a fantastic place to walk in the woods, enjoy seasonal flowers in the garden and even tour John Bartram’s house. One of my personal favorite spots for cute engagement photos at Bartram’s Garden is on the tree swing in the garden. Nothing is more fun than playing on a tree swing.

A unique view of the Philadelphia skyline can be enjoyed while walking along the Schuylkill River banks. Bartram’s Garen makes this list of engagement photography ideas because its diversity. Bartram’s Garden can be your best engagement /proposal location in Philadelphia, PA all year long, but looks best in the late spring through early fall.

Tall grass and Philadelphia skyline views at Bartram’s Garden Lindbergh Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA
Walk along the Schuylkill River banks and enjoy a unique view of Philadelphia’s skyline.


New Hope and The Ivyland Railroad has to be one of the most requested engagement session locations in Philadelphia area. Located 40 miles north of Center City New hope provides great scenic locations along the Delaware River and plenty of shopping, food and spirits in town.

New Hope’s Ivyland Railroad.
New Hope’s scenic views are scattered with aging locomotives from the yesteryear.

If you or anyone you know is planning a proposal or engagement session, we would love to hear from them and potentially become their wedding photographer.

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