I have been so honored to photograph many micro AND INTIMATE weddings in my area.

There’s a beauty in micro weddings that I never really noticed until I started photographing them.

Micro and intimate weddings really do allow clients to throw their wedding how they want without compromising beauty or creativity; just have more fun with every detail because no one will notice if you get little things a little wrong or miss details on purpose. Each wedding is an opportunity to capture who they are as a couple in a new way. It feels like a privilege every time I get to capture a small moment or catch someone being vulnerable; moments that will never happen again.

Micro and intimate weddings allow more time with family & friends.


I'm a wedding photographer based in Philadelphia, PA that specializes in micro weddings with details full of personal touches as well as at-home intimate weddings with amazing views; my services span NJ, DE, DC, CT, NY, & MD with more booked on the horizon! Clients who choose me end up being invited to genuine wedding celebrations that may not even have happened without me there to capture their wedding day.

I love working with at home weddings as I feel that people will allow their true emotions to show in their pictures instead of just posing for them. My goal is that I will provide my clients with photography that perfectly captures their personalities and relationship in a timeless manner that they will always cherish.

Looking to say I do without having to commit to a wedding day all day long? I offer at-home intimate weddings in backyard settings that focus on romance rather than glamour, as well as micro weddings that feature ceremonies of between 6-30 people - perfect for a night out with friends or a day spent with loved ones!



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Victoria and Keith pose for a photo at their Brigalias Wedding.


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