Knowlton Mansion Wedding Photographer- Philadelphia, PA

Makeup artist with brush through a ring light.
Fun shot of of Makeup being applied thanks to @freshbeautylounge
Bride holding a note card wearing red and white tartan.
Black and white photo of bride reading a note from the Groom.
Bridesmaids hand the brides dress on a "Bride" hanger in Knowlton Mansion.
Black and White of a wedding dress hanging in Knowlton Mansion.
Wedding dress hanging in a study next to a typewriter.
Bride with red painted toe nails wearing white "Mrs." slippers.
Kelsey’s “Mrs” slippers
Black and White photo of a bride taking her dress down shot through a door way.
Maid of Honor and Mom get the Bride in her dress.
Mom helping the Bride with her earrings.

Bride smiling as she puts her earring in sun on her face.
Mom and Maid of honor help the Bride with bracelet.
Detail of a bracelet on a typewriter.
Knowlton Mansion Wedding old typewriter is super cool with Kelsey’s bracelet on it.
Maid of honor puts on the Bride's Betsy Johnson shoes.
Helping the Bride with her @betseyjohnson shoes.
Black and White photo of Bride smiling after her shoes are on.
Bride smiling as she walks through the door for a first look with her father.
Black and White photo of a Bride walking up to her father for a first look.
Reaction of Bride and her father first look in study.
Bride and Father hugging during first look.
Father and Daughter first looks at Knowlton Mansion wedding never get old.
Bridal bouquet with pink, white and red flowers on a rocking chair.
Brides hands holding her bouquet with picture broaches hanging.
Bridesmaids fluff the Bride's dress in Knowlton Mansion study.
Groom puts his necktie on in Knowlton Mansion
Best man helps the Groom fix his collar.
Groom puts on his cufflinks in Knowlton Mansion Black and White.
Bride approaches the groom from behind first look.
Bride and Groom reaction first look Knowlton Mansion.
Bride wipes a tear from Grooms face first look.
Kelsey wipes away a tear during her Knownton Mansion first look.
Bride and Groom Kiss after first look.
Bride and Bridesmaids outside of Knowlton Mansion.
Grromsmen can caning.
Wedding party cheering as Bride and Groom kiss.
Bride and Groom embracing in front of Knowlton Mansion.
Bride smiling on doorstep of Knowlton Mansion.
Groom kissing the Bride on the stairs of Knowlton Mansion.
Bride puts on the Grooms wedding ring Black and White.
Bride and Groom go in for a first kiss.
Wide photo of Bride and Groom dancing in a spot light during first dance.
Father of the bride makes a point during his speech in Black and White.
Maid of honor has everyone laughing during her toast.
Groom's Brother has the Bride smiling during his speech.
Groom spinning the Bride in the wine cellar of Knowlton Mansion.
Kelsey and Chris dance in the Knowlton Mansion wine cellar.
Bride and Groom smash cake in their face.
Shutter drag of Bride dancing with a drink in her hand.
Black and White of a woman daning with her fingers in the air.
Bride dancing at the end of the night.

If you or someone you know is having a Knowlton Mansion wedding we would love to get in touch.

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