Jennifer and Christopher {Carlucci’s Waterfront Restaurant – Mount Laurel, NJ } November 23rd 2014

Jenn and Chris had met in middle school up in the Poconos when they were 11. One night in 8th grade Jenn and Chris ran into each other at a roller skating rink. Her friends all knew that she had a crush on Chris and had arranged for them to play a game together where they would end up kissing each other. It was then that Chris became the first boy she had ever kissed. Jenn and Chris dated for few months and in that time she became the first girl Chris had ever fallen in love with, however this time it didn’t last. Jenn and Chris had broken up and Chris was completely heart broken for months. They continued to maintain a friendship with one another, though Chris never stopped loving her. Chris of course was afraid to tell her that he was in love with her, the fear of compromising their friendship and losing her entirely was too great.

The following year Jenn moved away to attend school in New York and Chris was devastated. Every year or so after that they would see each other for a weekend or and then lose touch again until the next time they would meet. The timing was never right, one of them would be seeing someone while the other was single for many years. Chris had always “known” that she had loved him, and no matter who he was with she had always crossed his mind.

It wasn’t until the Super Bowl of 2013 that Jenn and Chris met up again and he decided to tell her how he felt about her. Chris couldn’t spend the rest of his life wondering “What if?”  When Jenn found out how Chris felt about her, she told him that all this time she had felt the same way. Chris and Jenn began dating again.

This past July something horrible had happened. Jenn fell very ill, and had gone into a coma for a week, unable to breathe on her own. Chris slept at her bedside in the hospital for the entire week praying that she’d be alright. On the seventh day Chris’s prayers were answered and she had awoken, though much to his dismay, she had experienced amnesia and could not remember how she felt about him or what they’d been through together. Chris never gave up on her despite knowing she couldn’t remember him. For the next two weeks Chris came to see her, hoping he could get her to fall in love with him again and finally her memory returned.

As of November 23, 2013 Jenn and Chris got married at Carlucci’s Waterfront Resturant, bringing a close to a love story that had spanned nearly 16 years.

Being apart of Jenn and Chris’s special day was truly an amazing feeling.  I feel so honored they chose me! ~ Andrew





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