Building a relationship with our clients is vital to us as wedding photographers, from phone calls to Skype sessions; We are available almost any time on multiple devices. It is important that we know your vision and work as a team to make your wedding photography as beautiful as possible!

I'm having a tiny elopement and reception, do you have a package for that?

We offer small wedding and elopement packages starting at $1500. We can also make a personalized based on you needs.

Do you travel?

We love to travel and arrive a day early due to possible travel delays or bad weather. Our company located in N.J./Eastern P.A. We enjoying working in the D.C. to Boston corridor. We are open to destination wedding photography anywhere, just ask!

How far in advance do I need to secure UE Photography?

It is common to retain a photographer shortly after choosing the venue. We are busiest during May, June and July, then again in September, October and November. Holiday weekends and New Years Eve are a premium wedding photographer rate.

Will you recreate a picture and do you take a shot list?

Our custom questionnaire asks who is important to you as well as what moments are important during your wedding day. We also make a wedding timeline about a month before your wedding and request a list of formal photos. I'm sure we can discuss our vision and try to meet your needs. However, we are known for the lively, candid photos in our portfolio and prefer not to do staged images.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Unforgettable Expressions exclusively uses the latest in Apple computers, Adobe software, exclusively Fuji cameras but second shooters equipment varies. We back up and store all of your images in redundancy to physical hard drives and cloud storage. We suggest you back up any USB's/photos we present you.


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