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Questions? F.A.Q’s » Simply Boudoir Photography

Questions? F.A.Q’s

Questions? We know the top concern for most girls is privacy! Not to worry, you are not obligated to share your photos with anyone but the people you want to see, however we love when clients choose their favorite picture to be used on our website and blog.

  Here are some answers to many of the most often asked questions.

Q:  Wait a minute…one of the photographer is a man! Will there be females present with us?

A: I am a male photographer and my significant other Lorraine is my assistant photographer, as well as lead makeup artist. We are each others better half and partners in art. As a photographer and graphic designer I have lead many acclaimed magazines in art direction and provided images for fashion editorials seen nationwide. My work can be seen in print and  on www.phillystylemag.com and also on the leading bridal resource and reference sites where I am highly rated.

Our frame of mind as a team is focused on lighting, location and getting the shot. As a male I understand what men want to see. I tend to capture the image softly unlike other male photographers. Your photos will be high fashion and tasteful, not tacky! No questions asked! We are all about magazine quality images and extremely tasteful, beautiful sensual art. Photography is about artistry to us as well as capturing images you will enjoy for years to come. As a team we shoot classic images that stand the test of time and never look out of date. Most of our clients are hardworking, real women who deserve to look beautiful in a timeless image.

Also, we are open to meet in advance and plan the shoot as well as talk on phone or Skype. Our artistic vision should be met with your ideas. We love input, questions and comments. We plan our shoots in depth with each client; down to sending ideas and suggestions of our art direction. Please fill out our contact form here if you have any other questions.


Q: What should I do to look great for my shoot?

A: Drink lots of water in the week leading up to the shoot and try not to hav etoo much alcohol the night before. As it dries up the skin. Please do not to pick any pimples (we will cover any flaws) and come with your hair washed and dried so it can be styled. Having already dried hair helps speed up the primping end of your shoot and focus on the photography session! Any questions you have for Lorraine she will gladly answer. She is also open to meet with local clients or via online for clients distantly planning shoots. It is our goal to make you feel like a celebrity client!


Q: Wardrobe.. help me here?

A: Here is a check list.

Grab your man’s favorite dress shirt!

And heels, heels, heels!

Fifty Shades of Grey has been a huge inspiration to modern housewife and sexy seductress alike! We will cater to your ideas inspired by the book.

Rhinestone jewelry tends to be a top choice for those looking to recreate a Marilyn Monroe look.

Everyone loves bustiers and corsets!

Hats, gloves and pretty dresses are top picks as well as sexy items from Victoria’s Secret and Agent Provocateur.

Sheer fabric, silk or satin, items with texture, sparkle, soft colors, bold colors make for great photos.

If you’re planning a retro shoot… hair accessories and fun things from thrift shops help set the theme.

Some clients prefer fun and sassy undies like boy shorts or sleepwear, it depends on your mood.

Props are always welcome too!

We have some vintage props on hand and can get items as per request. If you have any questions concerning wardrobe Lorraine will be happy to help!


Questions, comments or suggestions…please contact us! We are always open to ideas.


Q: How long is the photo shoot, I have questions about how long I will be gone. It is a surprise?

Hair and makeup takes around a half hour to hour depending on hair length and look desired. Dressing takes about 10 minutes to get everything in place.

Sessions run around an hour and half, unless it is a group party shoot.

For single shoots allow 3 hours including outfit changes.

When doing a boudoir party our team gets the girls glam all at once. We then rotate shooting in 30 minute mini sessions.

Group events span around 4-5 hours and are always like a relaxed party! For questions regarding group pricing can be found here!


Q: I’m not a Top Model contestant. Will my poses look stupid?

A: We have worked with celebrities and countless everyday women. Lo and the girls on her glam squad can even show you how to point your toes and answer any questions. Our team has extensive references and pose lists. We will gladly send images to look at via email. You’re going to look great, no worries!


Q: Can I bring a friend?

A: Of course you can! I know you may be a little nervous and want to have a friend there by your side to make you smile or share an inside joke with. I have no problem at all with you bringing a friend or someone you are comfortable with. Our shoots have a light and fun atmosphere, not to mention we are super friendly.

If your companion would like to join in the fun, you will save 20%!


Q: I don’t want to strip down…but I want to look hot. Can we do this?

A: Sweet, sassy photos can be just as amazing as sexy ones! Have fun and do what you feel like doing.

A lot of Boudoir Photography is actually clothed or “implied nudity” this is where you pose from a certain angle and appear to be nude. We have certain tricks we can’t give away! Just wait and see.


Q: Do you provide Champagne or alcohol to calm my nerves?

A: You are welcome to bring whatever you want with you, or have on hand. Unfortunately my insurance does not allow me to serve alcohol and state laws prohibit a business to serves alcohol without a license. But have fun, and relax. We promise you won’t need more than one drink! There is no pressure and photo shoots tend to go very easily.


Q: Do you edit the photos?

A:  Out of all the questions we are asked, we hear this one most often. The answer is YES!  We treat our photos the same way as any magazine treats their photos of their models. On average a photo shoot will have 3-6 hours of photo editing after. This means lighting adjustments, some artistic changes as well as beauty edits. We aim to have a magazine worthy array of images. Trust us, you will look like yourself…just not your everyday self. We will bring out your supermodel self!


Q: What are your printing options?

Simply Boudoir offers high quality luxurious books, photos and canvases. We have sexy “Little Black Brag Books”, printed cover photo albums and options to buy individual prints. All of our printing comes from a top printing house in NYC that deals with fashion and media, not to mention everything is made in the USA! We can do any sort of print you want. Even wall mountings. If you have any other questions about printed material just ask.


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