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Boudoir? Why? » Simply Boudoir Photography

Boudoir? Why?

boudoir (French: [bu.dwaʁ], English: /ˈbuːd.wɑːr/) is a lady‘s private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room. The term derives from the French verb bouder, meaning “to be sulky” or boudeur, meaning “sulky”.[1]


Boudoir photography is a sexy perspective from the females point of view. It has been growing extremely popular as a wedding night present from a bride to her new husband. Boudoir photos are usually taken wearing sensual fabrics to tease, or very little! They’re hardly “Adult Materials”, but rather PG-13 — as in classic Cheesecake-inspired pics, or what industry professionals call ‘implied nudes or “Pinup”.

Some clients, feel that they have met a turning point in their lives and have decided that they would like to mark it with beautiful photographs of themselves or each other. Some who are starting a family, want  to capture the look of their pre-baby body before it goes through the motions of pregnancy. Other clients in the past have come to us documenting a weight loss or newfound single life! The options are endless. We encourage everyone to feel great about themselves and celebrate the beauty that is life.

We never ask you to lounge around wearing little, so you may feel awkward at first. Posing for the camera is not easy for everyone!  For many women, the thought of striking sexy poses while in the company of strangers, while wearing revealing clothing or sheets can be intimidating.

Our team members are there to comfort and empower you! The Simply Boudoir members have a history in fashion, wedding and specialty photography and so do our hair and makeup artists. The artists at Simply Boudoir out their clients and art first!

We strive to provide confidence and instruction throughout. Our photographers and artists are always on hand to tell you your best move and most flattering angle. The Simply Boudoir team will guide you through the best shoot and experience possible!

 Three  reasons why you deserve Simply Boudoir Photography!

1: What woman doesn’t long for a day of pampering?

If you have never had a professional photo shoot then you are in for a surprise!

Makeup, Hair, Fancy Lights, Photoshop + Professional Photographer = You looking more beautiful than you ever could have imagined.


2: It makes the perfect gift for your boyfriend/husband/lover/girlfriend… Or maybe just for yourself! 

Whether you want to share an intimate gift with your lover or you just want to have fun being creative and sexy, boudoir photography will bring out your deepest beauty and your inner flirt.  It instills confidence and creates happiness.


3: Perhaps you have a milestone that you would like to celebrate?

Getting married, just quit your job, pregnant, just had a baby, retired, divorced, just about anything really!







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