About Us

Why Us?

We tend to keep things fun and lighthearted for you while having control of the vision on our end. It is our main goal to get a finished product that will make you feel great about yourself. At the end of the day, you need to choose someone you’re comfortable with because your comfort level will reflect in the photos. That is our objective. As a male and female team we see two perspectives and trade off shooting. Our shoot experiences goes beyond the actual session. We are always there for your emails, calls and session ideas. As full time professional photographers we put our clients first.



Most of my clients say they love the idea of a guy taking the photos along with a female. Why? Because I bring forth what is sexy to men while keeping my work tasteful. I like to keep my photos along lines of fine art, something you could hang in a bedroom, bathroom or boudoir! Soft and romantic photos with natural light capture every beautiful expression and enhance the shade of your skin and texture of the fabric draping you. These are the things I look at when shooting. Professionalism and respect are two things I provide my clients with…and the most amazing bombshell photos worthy of a Victoria’s Secret catalog!


There are many parts about being a glamour and beauty photographer that I love. Besides working with my companion who happens to be my partner, I would have to say it’s the way we make the clients feel during a shoot. I am a certified makeup artist who worked for such professional lines as Garnier and own a bridal beauty glam team. As a Pro Artist for Make Up For Ever, Smashbox and Stila I get to use the best products and airbrush cosmetics for our clients. Anything you need covered or enhanced I can do! Primping and painting for shoots is something fun that I enjoy doing for clients. Boudoir is something special to me. Assisting Andrew on shoots and styling clients is a fun and rewarding job. Posing and giving instructions to the client is also part of my job. Sending suggestions and ideas as well as assisting on props and wardrobe are also part of my duties with Simply Boudoir, and I love it!



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